2016 Spirent GNSS Testing Training Seminar

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5-6 October 2016


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Further your GNSS testing knowledge with Spirent

Join us for a comprehensive 1½ day seminar

The 2016 Spirent GNSS Testing Training Seminar features training led by Spirent’s product managers and engineers on state-of-the-art GNSS simulation and test equipment.

This seminar is designed to improve your knowledge and effectiveness in using Spirent simulation and record/playback equipment to evaluate the performance of PNT systems. It will particularly suit test engineers and product/project managers working on GNSS-based receivers, systems and applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the state-of-the-art in GNSS testing systems and approaches
  • Introduction to test approaches and methodologies
  • GNSS test fundamentals
  • Remote control & hardware-in-the-loop testing
  • Robust PNT considerations including jamming and spoofing
  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation Techniques
  • Antenna testing including CRPA test approaches

In addition, there will be customer case studies including:

  • Measured GNSS Jamming Events at German Motorways
  • Set-up & Verification of a Multi-GNSS Over-The-Air Wave Field Synthesis Testbed
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation



The training costs €175, which includes lunch on both days. Travel, hotel and dinner costs are the responsibility of delegates.



Corinthia Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic. Click here for more info and reservations.

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Agenda and downloads

Use the links below to download individual presentations 
To download all the presentations and view additional Spirent documents, click here.

12:00 Arrival and registration
12:30 Ice Breaker Lunch
14:00 Introductions, Spirent solutions and GNSS updates (Speaker: Stuart Smith, Spirent)

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15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Spirent Demo Presentation – Remote control and Hardware-in-the-loop testing (Speaker: John Wilkinson, Spirent)

Download presentation →

17:00 Case Study #1 – Space Segment Integration into the Real Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Environment (Speaker: Michael Ger, MBDA)

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17:30 Q&A and submit requests for the Thursday interactive demos
18:00 Free time
19:30 Dinner
09:00 Spirent Presentation – Robust PNT considerations: Detector, TestBench, GSS7725, jamming, spoofing (Speaker: Romain Zimmerman, Spirent)

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10:00 Case Study #2 – Measured GNSS Jamming Events on German Motorways (Speaker: Karen von Hünerbein, Lange-Electronic GmbH)

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10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Spirent Demonstration – Robust PNT – Detector (Romain Zimmerman, Spirent)

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11:30 Spirent Presentation – CRPA/Zoned chamber testing approaches (Speaker: Steve Hickling, Spirent)

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12:00 Case Study #3 – Setup and Verification of a Multi-GNSS Over-The-Air Wave Field Synthesis Testbed (Speakers: Alexander Rügamer and Christopher Schirmer, Fruanhofer IIS)

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12:30 Lunch
13:30 Simulator workshop #1 – (1) User Defined Data and (2) Motion processing (Zeb Mirza, Spirent)

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14:00 Simulator workshop #2 – Python remote control/test integration (John Wilkinson, Spirent)

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14:30 Simulator workshop #3 – 3D multipath SE-NAV (Grégory Moura, OKTAL)

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15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Ask an expert, interactive demos and Q&A
17:30 Wrap-up
18:00 Close