GNSS/GPS simulators, software and record & playback solutions

Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technology is driving the worlds most advanced applications. Whether you are looking for robustness in the face of interference, or improved performance in challenging environments, Spirent’s flexible test solutions enable you to assure the accuracy, integrity, continuity and reliability your customers demand.

Spirent GSS9000 Series

The very best in performance, flexibility and capability for GNSS developers and testers

  • 320 channels plus 640 embedded multipath channels across 10 independent frequencies in one chassis
  • Unrivalled 2000 Hz sampling rate for high-fidelity re-creation of trajectories
  • Fully future-proofed for all advances in GNSS technology

Spirent GSS7000 Series

The ultimate mix of flexibility, performance and affordability

  • Supports up to 256 channels across all current and planned GNSS and SBAS signals
  • Selection of scenario generation and simulation control software available
  • Embedded multipath, interference and spoofing capabilities for vulnerabilities testing

Spirent GSS6450

For high-fidelity testing using real-world signals in repeatable lab conditions

  • Multiple constellations and frequencies
  • Flexible product structure allowing additional frequencies
  • Highly portable solution for powerful testing with unrivalled realism

Spirent SimGEN

The most powerful and intuitive simulation software used to develop high performance products

  • Test GNSS performance in everyday, extreme and adverse environments, with full control of test parameters (including time, date and power levels)
  • By creating accurate, comparative testing with perfectly repeatable test scenarios, users can save time and money by moving tests out of the field and into the lab
  • Extensive default settings ensure even a complex scenario can be selected, run and be simulating a GNSS receiver with RF signals in less than a minute

Spirent Sim3D

Realistic Multipath and Obscuration Simulation

  • Flexibility to use predetermined or new 3D models on real-life locations
  • Unprecedented level of control giving you the level of detail and realism you need to overcome environmental impacts
  • Generate GNSS reception heat maps for mission planning

Spirent SimSAFE

For the ultimate protection against GNSS spoofing

  • Emulate a spoofing attack whilst simultaneously monitoring the response of a receiver to the simulated attacks
  • Live-sky sync with real-time scenario updates
  • Supports replay attack via real-time replica of authentic GNSS navigation messages

“Thanks to Spirent, we’ve been able to get far more realistic GNSS signal simulation. And more importantly, we’ve been able to seamlessly integrate it into our dSPACE and IPG-powered platform—with scope to integrate additional solutions in the future if we need to.”
Antonio Casu
CTO, Italdesign

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