It doesn't matter what technology, operating system, or implementation domain your business is dealing with. When it comes to communication protocol testing, there is ONE tool managing ALL requirements.

The powerful test automation platform TTworkbench is the basis of many Spirent test solutions that enable you to easily test the conformance of your implementations against standards or other vendors.

These examples show various application areas of TTworkbench:

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • Automotive AVB/TSN
  • OPEN Alliance
  • ITS-G5
  • oneM2M / Internet of Things
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Location Based Services
  • SUPL2.0
  • Network protocols in general


Register for a free trial version of TTworkbench Professional today, and get an impression of its user-friendly handling.

If you are interested in specific plugins that are available for TTworkbench, or in specific test solutions, please leave a note in the optional message field on the form.

Happy testing!