Wireless Device Performance Day

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019



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Please join us for a Wireless Device Performance Day presented by Spirent Communications and National Instruments, in cooperation with Sunforce and Dualos. Spirent, a leading 5G wireless device performance test solutions leader, and National Instruments, a global leader in automated test and software defined radio platforms, will share performance test methodologies and show off a selection of their latest solutions.

Saul Einbinder, Spirent Communications Vice President of Product Marketing will kick off the event highlighting 5G test challenges and areas of focus for the day’s technical sessions.


Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place
200 Rialto Place
Melbourne, FL 32901-3092


12:00 - Lunch will be served


12:30pm - 4:00pm

Technical Sessions Include:

How SDR is Being Used to Prototype 5G and Counter New Threats

Haydn Nelson, Principal Marketing Manager, SDR at National Instruments, will share trends in commercial wireless and how software-defined radio is being used to prototype and deploy critical capabilities. In the commercial wireless space SDR has been used to prototype technologies in the 5G standard such as mmWave and Massive MIMO. Both mmWave and Massive MIMO bring signals with wide bandwidth and fast data rates, along with properties that benefit secure communication applications. He will also discuss solutions to counter the asymmetrical risk posed by commercial drones and how software-defined radio is often being used for counter UAS applications.

RF Channel Emulation in Mesh Network and other Radio Systems

Dave Garrison, Sr. Director, Channel Emulation at Spirent, will be discussing how to validate RF performance of mesh networks, tactical handsets and other radio systems that employ 5G, Wi-Fi or custom waveforms. Ground-to-air, terrestrial and LEO scenarios are simulated with a hardware-in-the-loop system that provides a repeatable environment with RF fading, noise, reflections, doppler motion, and hostile signals. He will also be reviewing recent developments in massive MIMO and beamforming testing, both conducted and over-the-air, for sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave, and will demonstrate Spirent’s new Advanced Channel Model creation software.

Data Throughput Performance Validation in Fast 5G and WiFi Networks

Evan Henry, Sr. Product Manager, Data Solutions at Spirent will share details of how next generation wireless networks such as 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 are optimizing for peak data performance, and how a zero-weak-link architecture is constructed to validate data performance. Evan will demonstrate Spirent’s Umetrix Data solution, showing how to test and measure application data throughput in a 10Gbit/s environment.

Assessing Video Quality for Real-time Communications and Surveillance

Kurt Bantle, Sr. Solutions Architect at Spirent will discuss the unique challenges of delivering video, and how machine learning and other techniques are being used to evaluate and optimize video systems for real-time communications, surveillance and other applications. Kurt will demonstrate Spirent’s Umetrix Video solution, showing how VMOS, freezing, stalls, blockiness, blurriness and other KPIs can be measured in scale in live systems.

Assuring 5G and Hybrid Location Performance

Jagadeesh Dantuluri, Sr. Director, 5G Product Management at Spirent will discuss about how 5G, AGNSS, GNSS, Wi-Fi and other beacons are being used to provide high-precision x-y-z location in commercial and military systems. He will demonstrate Spirent’s 5G automated device test solution, based on the National Instruments PXI system.

Haydn Nelson

Principal Marketing Manager, SDR

National Instruments

Haydn Nelson started his career enlisted in the US Navy where he served in Navair Weapons Division. With a BSEE and MSEE in Computer engineering Haydn has a passion for all things RF, DSP, and SDR. Having worked at a top defense research lab Haydn has been involved in state of the art Aerospace and Defense technology for nearly 15 years.


Dave Garrison

Sr. Director, Channel Emulation


Dave Garrison is a senior director, product development at Spirent Communications. With over 25 years of combined experience in new product development, product management, and business strategy, Dave leads the global Radio Frequency (RF) channel emulation team, concentrating on assuring the performance of critical and complex radio communications.


Kurt Bantle

Sr. Solutions Architect


Kurt Bantle is a senior solution architect at Spirent Communications. With over 30 years of handset testing experience, he constantly provides thought leadership to the market place on test methodologies, new technologies and processes improvement. Kurt is currently focused on data, video and voice user experience testing in both sub-6 Ghz and mmWave 5G bands.


Evan Henry

Sr. Product Manager, Data Solutions


Evan Henry has over 10 years of engineering, business development, and operations experience in the telecommunications industry. His expertise includes measuring data performance; software engineering; and network analysis, forensics, and protocols; and has been instrumental in transitioning Spirent's data performance toolset to achieve 5G requirements. Evan graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.S. in Computer Science.


Jagadeesh Dantuluri

Sr. Director, 5G Product Management


Jagadeesh Dantuluri is a senior director for the Connected Devices business unit at Spirent Communications. He currently leads the 5G automated testing solution team concentrating on assuring wireless device performance for new global industry standards, carrier acceptance and R&D. Jagadeesh has over twenty years of engineering, business development and operations experience across several telecommunications companies serving key carriers around the world.